Hello, Everyone!

I'm Ben Antonio, the founder of the QUTOYS brand.

I'm honored that you took a few minutes to learn about my story.

I was born into a very traditional family, and everyone around me believed that I should marry the girl I like before the age of 30, and then start a happy family.

But since I was a child, I felt that I was different from everyone around me. I was afraid that others would know that I was different, so I tried my best to hide myself and try to disguise myself as everyone else.

Until one summer of puberty, a male friend of mine kissed me. After that, I finally knew why I was different. I like boys!

After that I met more people like me, and I started to feel more confident and happier. As I got older, my understanding of sex became more and more comprehensive, and I also realized that society does not recognize us, and even some people will demonize our differences. In some places, the sex of homosexual is a crime like rape.

So I want to correct a wrong perception and tell everyone that we are not different, we just like people who are the same gender as ourselves.

I had my first sex at 17 and something I was looking forward to so badly went horribly wrong. Because we didn't know how to please each other or how to expand, the whole process was embarrassing and painful. I live in a world where everyone is teaching me how to love my future wife and what sex should be like between men and women. But I've never been told if the same is true for homosexual relationships.

So I started working on sex toys because I wanted to create a platform where I could speak out about my sexuality and discuss sexual issues. Here, whether you are a novice or an experienced person, you can share your experience and ideas about sex together.

In the process of researching sex toys, I was exposed to all kinds of sex toys, and finally, I found what I was looking for - safety and comfort. Every toy is designed by me and I participate in the whole process of development. I've always been the number one user of all toys because I want all my friends who use the products I've designed to be delighted and amazed.

Thanks again for listening to my story!

If you want, you can share your story with everyone in the community. Of course you can also write me an email and I'd love to hear about your story.


Ben Antonio


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