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Below is a quick reference guide for information that our QUTOYS in-house Customer Service team is approached with most often. For each question, we include a normal answer.

If our FAQs cannot solve your issue, please contact us feel free:




3.Live Chat: Just click Live Chat at the bottom, we will answer your question immediately.

When your question has been submitted, our Customer Service team will get back to you with a reply as soon as they are able. 

About Products:

1. How Should I Charge QUTOYS Products?

Connect the QUTOYS product to power with the special cable provided. LED indicator stays luminous when charging (red) and fully charged. (Different products feature different indicator color when charging; do not charge more than 24h.)

2. How Often Should I Charge it?

Battery life varies by product, but in general, in case of low battery, LED indicator lights up and flickers in red.

3. Do All Toys Come with USB Cable?

Yes, as long as it is a rechargeable toy, it comes with USB cable (which comes with the product), so all you have to do is make sure they are charged and start working.

About Orders:

1. How to Place an Order?

  • First of all, please visit our website:

  • Find your favorite item, click it enter the product details.

  • Click BUY IT NOW. Or you can also add it to your cart at first, then check it out together with all the items you need.

  • Edit your delivery address and make sure all of your including delivery information are correct.

  • Choose the payment method, then click Place Order.

2. Why My Order Was Not Paid Successfully?

Usually, we found payment failed due to bank payment security protection.

Here are some suggestions for you to place the order successfully:

(1) Would you please kindly confirm with the bank service at first and then try again? 

(If you have tried 3 times already, please wait for 24h and try again; you can also change another card to make the payment)

  • Contact your bank and explain this transaction is by yourself.

  • Request your bank to allow the payment, then the order will be paid successfully.

  • Tell us your order number, we'll help to check the status and arrange to send out the parcel for you.

(2) You can also try to use PayPal, that will be easier.

3. How to Cancel My Order?

Please contact QUTOYS Customer Center ( immediately once you decide to change or cancel your order.

If your order hasn't been shipped by the time you contact us, you are able to easily return the item to us.

About Shipping:

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, so every item you order from QUTOYS will be packed in a plain box. You are the only one who is excited about the item in the package.

1. What will on the package?

There won't be any logos or product names on the box. The only markings on the package are your address and carrier label, and no reference to QUTOYS.

2. What if I have pesky roommates?

We will deliver on your door if you need. And we don't want the second one to know what's inside the box so that we will make sure it's convenient for you to answer the call once we need to confirm orders with you.

3. Still worried about how the parcel is going to look?

Please have a look at sample parcels, they should give you a better idea.



  • Discreet Packaging

    Packing by black and firmbox without any sex words & product information on it

  • Free Shipping

    We offer free shipping straight to your door throughout the contiguous US

  • 1+ year Free Warranty

    QUTOYS provides one-year warranty service (members enjoy 3 years)

  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    Get a full refund when you return your undamaged products within 60 days - for any reason.